Let It Burn

As Christians, we have to the Holy Spirit within our hearts. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to be a help in a time of need and to give us the power to do God’s will. As Christians, we talk about things weighing heavily on our heart or conscience or feeling like we need to do this or that. More often than not--assuming you have dedicated your life to doing the work of our Lord Jesus and you are also seeking him often in prayer--that feeling is most likely the urging of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a light to our path when we are walking through darkness, and He is also the one who gives us the strength to persevere and do the greater works that the Lord commanded us all to do.

In chapter one of Genesis, while the universe was still void and full of darkness, it tells us that the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters and then God said, "Let there be light," and it happened. Then He said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters," and He called this heaven, and it was created. Through the simple utterance of His word these things happened. That same Spirit of God is dwelling inside of us, and He gives us the power to do great and mighty things that bring God Glory. Christians say that they are not smart enough, rich enough, popular enough, young enough, old enough, righteous enough, or wise enough to proclaim His word or teach or witness in His name, but that is not true. Jesus told his disciples that whoever believed in Him would do the work that He did and that they would do greater works than He did. Jesus said, "Whatever you ask me to do in my name, I will do so that the Father may be glorified through the Son," and he told them that He would not leave them (and by extension of being His disciple, us) like orphans but send us a Helper to do His will (John 14). The helper is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has been equated to an unquenchable fire and a consuming fire. In Exodus chapter three, God even appears to Moses as a bush on fire. This fire is burning in our hearts! It’s burning with the power of a 1,000,000 nuclear power plants multiplied by infinity within our hearts. Because of this fire, if we have faith in Jesus equal to the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains in Jesus' name to bring glory to the Father. We Christians have to let the fire burn! The Holy Spirit should be a fire that consumes us. The spirit of the all-powerful, life-giving, all-righteous God of the Universe is a power plant in our hearts.

In Acts Chapter 20, Paul told the elders at Ephesus that through all the pains, trials, and tribulations of his life and ministry that he never held back from proclaiming God's word or from telling of his saving grace and mercy. He told them that he was a slave to the Holy Spirit because he had no choice but to spread the Gospel of our Risen Savior. He could say that because the fire was burning. Despite the people persecuting him and regardless of the death that awaited him for being faithful to God and His word, Paul knew that there was no higher purpose in his life because he knew he had to finish the race. He had to spread the Good News to Glorify the One True King.

PREACH! REPROVE! REBUKE! EXHORT! Do these things in complete patience and with complete teaching. In 2 Timothy 4:1-8, Paul wrote to Timothy from his prison cell to remind Timothy of the same thing all Christians need to be reminded of today: we must be ready in and out of season to preach, teach, testify, and proclaim the Good News. We must be prepared because the day has come where the Church is full of false teachers; wolves have infiltrated the ranks. Satan and his demons are hard at work. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy everything we hold dear. Jesus, by contrast, has come to give abundant life (John 10:10). We must stand up tall for Jesus, not because He needs our help or because He needs our defense but because He has called each and every Christian to tell the world of His goodness and His mercy that was shown to us on the cross when He died to pay the debts for our sin.

You may think that you can’t do this, this being a disciple. If you were an ordinary person, you would be right, but because you have an EXTRAordinary God all things are possible. Let the Holy Spirit of God burn in your heart, and let His word consume you. Fan the flames through continual prayer and non-stop studying of His word. You have the power through the Holy Spirit to do His work. Don't quench the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19). LET IT BURN!